Album of the month! Without a doubt, Pacific Mambo Orchestra is one of the most important Orchestras of today!” - Latina Stereo 100.9 FM

Medellin, Colombia

A fabulous new release, a new chapter in the history of Big Bands. ” - Arnaldo DeSouteiro, CEO & Founder at Jazz Station Records

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

This new album shows a perfect example of how a Latin big band can still attract a young and new audience today. Classical, Pop, Mambo, Timba, Cha Cha y Bolero are the ingredients that make up the winning recipe of this record work to be discovered.” - Alessio Papo Grossi

Turin, Italy

new album Release

With the release of The III Side, Pacific Mambo Orchestra solidifies itself as not just a West Coast cultural institution, but as one of the world’s leading Latin Orchestras.” -

New York, USA

An act at the height of its power.” - Jane Cornwell -

London, UK

This is PMO’s second studio recording and one that should again put them in Grammy contention for their imaginative arrangements, variety of material, and inspired performances” - Jim Hynes