With the release of The III Side, Pacific Mambo Orchestra solidifies itself as not just a West Coast cultural institution, but as one of the world’s leading Latin Orchestras.”

Bradway, New York

This is PMO’s second studio recording and one that should again put them in Grammy contention for their imaginative arrangements, variety of material, and inspired performances” - Jim Hynes



Tempo Latino Festival

Vic-Fezensac, France.

After the highly noticed passage of Orquesta Akokan in 2019, it's the Pacific Mambo Orquestra's turn to come and intoxicate the french arenas with their warm and dancing mambo for this first evening of the 27th edition!

The single is part of the new album which shows a perfect example of how a Latin big band can still attract a young and new audience today. Classical, Pop, Mambo, Timba, Cha Cha y Bolero are the ingredients that make up the winning recipe of this record work to be discovered.” - Alessio Papo Grossi

Turin, Italy